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You fiddled with your hands as you waited in the L-corp elevator.

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On the other hand she could have been busy enough to not realize that you would be stopping by. L-corp was working on a big project, which meant Lena had her hands full. The last time you saw her was a few days ago, you missed her, but you also knew she was a successful, busy and determined CEO. You smiled as you exited the elevator, once it came to a stop and the doors opened, you were excited to see Lena.

You bit the inside of your cheek before opening your mouth to introduce yourself and tell her you were there to see Lena. Keep reading.

Okay but BroTP sickfics. The Sequel to: The Bosses Assistant. You figured Lena would just drop you off at your place, maybe stay a few hours, and then get back to work. You knew she was busy, and that was putting it lightly.

You groaned softly, rubbing at your irritated sinuses while you made your way to your desk, where you had left your briefcase. The bonus was that you were leaving with Lena Luthor. She was your boss after all. You grabbed your briefcase, stuffing a few tissues in your pocket as well, your nose was unpredictable right now.

She was already done getting her meetings taken care of with Jess and you were still lingering at your desk. I am so sorry to all the unwritten requests in my inbox, I promise I am getting to you.

But I hope you enjoy some allergic! Geralt with some clueless! If you guys know any Witcher fics, please let me know because I am craving it…Who decided 8 episodes was enough?! But as Thomas checked his wrist watch for the fourth time that evening, he knew something was wrong.

Plot Allergy

Alex sent him no less than a text if George asked him to work late at night. And when Thomas called, he went to voicemail. So he called the office. The same result. With a sheepish grin, he peeked at Thomas, through the soaked shoulder length hair that hung in his face.

His sweater vest, and tie stuck to him, as did his jeans, clinging to the bone. Before he knew it, Alex was sitting on the counter in the bathroom, as Thomas tried to dry his hair and put him in warm clothing. The car broke down a-and eh'h…ngh! This is r-ridiculous. Uh, but my p-phone dihhh… died and…and…great here we go- Nxxgt'schhh! Tiny people struggle to cross long distances swiftly?

When he got no response but a weak cough, he scooped up Alex. Just when they reached the threshold, he felt Alex strain against his grasp.This is for quillsandhandkerchiefs! Thank you so much for the request. Alexander shuffled his papers impatiently.

Or maybe that was because he had about three projects to tackle before the weekend and it was already Wednesday. Or it might have been the caffeine pumping through his veins, making his skittish and eager to do too many things at once.

He sat near the head of the elongated table in the meeting room, next to where Washington sat and across from Jefferson. It was a first, him being earlier than Jefferson. But today it was Jefferson that rushed in after Washington called the meeting to a start. Quickly, he skimmed over his documents and papers. Just the thought was absurd! But when Thomas ran in, mumbling apologizes to Washington, he was surprised at his scent.

Hamilton cleared his throat and continued. But it seemed the battle was more internal. The scent hung in the air, clung to him. It made his eyes water a bit and the words on paper he was using as a reference began to blur. His nose felt itchy, and he could feel himself beginning to sniffle. And what a mistake that was. With each sniff, he inhaled more and more of the lovely, yet deathly scent. His nose burned, the tickle that had blossomed teased his nose horribly.

For one, he was talking, mid-debate.

Gigantic sneezes

Hnng, no, no, no! I will not sneeze. I am in the lead. Sneezing now is like forfeiting, Alexander chastised himself harshly.

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Alexander kneaded a knuckle under his irritated, rapidly growing an irritated red, flared nostrils. He could feel them quivering, flinching with the need to sneeze. But he fought it for the sake of his argument.

Was he unaware that he was a walking allergen? His head tipped back and he turned from the table. The tickle was too torturous.Links to other sites in the community - links within this section open in the same window that you use to click on them unless you override with a right-click. This section is divided into Observations for real eventsStories for fictitious onesand Artwork images drawn by forum members.

The root forum is for discussion, for example sharing ideas or finding partners for joint work. Please place notation in thread title. For all material related to finding, sharing, trading, purchasing or selling any sneezing fetish product or media of any nature. This forum is for the discussion of fetishes related to sneezing. Please see the guidelines topic pinned at the top of the forum for more information!

A warzone by any other name.

sneezefic allergies

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Genius, Billionaire, Playboy, Philanthropist. — The Unexpected Allergen (Hamilton, sneezefic)

By Erias Started 10 minutes ago. By Sitruuna Started 18 hours ago. By Anmeroth Started 21 hours ago. By liluzivert Started Sunday at AM. All Activity Home. Announcements Important News, Updates and Notifications.

E Links to other sites in the community - links within this section open in the same window that you use to click on them unless you override with a right-click. Read before Posting General forum information you should know before you start posting with us. General Discussion Kudos! Anything sneeze or sneeze fetish related.The music spun around them, lifting away gravity. The messy, and bad.

The music interlude began and they danced across, the stage, around set pieces, beneath the burning stage lights. They twirled and moved to the couch that was on stage. Aria, who was playing his love interest, the sassy and beautiful Dominican girl, Anastasia, fell onto the couch and Romeo, or Santiago at the moment, fell on behind her.

Little did he know that the couch had been in storage for a very long time and this was the first time they had rehearsed with the props and oh boy, did a bunch of dust fly off the piece of furniture.

Aria flinched and shot Romeo a look of disgust which he met with an expression of equal revulsion. He shifted a bit closer, blinking back allergic tears that had automatically welled in his eyes.

His whole body tensed as he tried to keep his melodious voice from trembling. Aria pulled him into an embrace and they began to sway and dance around the stage, in a tango, salsa, cha-cha type move. He felt Aria whack his arm, and he pulled away long enough to twirl her and they both laughed as the script would call for. Up close, Aria could see his nostrils glistening and twitching, flaring and quivering as he struggled to hold back the desperate and incredibly inconvenient sneezes.

She had never seen an picture of such misery. His expression was at the very end of a truly torturous build-up. He was baring his teeth, trying to stay in character for the sake of the crew trying to take notes of this rehearsal but she could see him struggling. He scrunched his nose, screwed over the last few bars of the song, and tried to at least finish the choreo but tears poured out of eyes down his cheeks.

They landed on the couch, him on top of her, as the song hit its finally chord, ending in the classic musical theater bang! Eh-ehh…ei hh —!! Aria rolled her eyes, and ran her red nail beneath his nose. It was quite simple really.

Operation Ouch - Alarming Allergies - Immune System

Everyone chuckled and Aria took it upon herself to pulled off the mic tape, so his mic fell off. He kept his nose buried against her chest, sneezes tearing through his in the most desperate and rapid fashion that he was getting light headed. He stood off the couch and moved towards the pit, trying to put distance between him and the dusty furniture.

His boyfriend was a masterpiece, rushing to the stage with a packet of allergy meds. Romeo always forgot them so August kept them on hand. He was magical. Wiggle and squish it around while it twitches and blushes more and more with the minute.

And it tickles so much and nothing helps.My Nose Garden I have roses and rowses of noses and noses, And why they all growses I really can't guess. No lilies or roses, just cold-catching noses, And when they all blowses, it's really a mess. They runs and they glowses, these sneezity noses, They frips and they flowses, they blooms and they dies.

sneezefic allergies

But you can't bring noses to fine flower showses And really expect them to give you a prize. But each mornin' I goeses to watter with hoses These rowses of noses that I cannot sell, The red sniffly noses that cause all my woeses, Why even the crowses complain that they smell.

Why noses, not roses?

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Well, nobody knowses. Why do you supposes they growses this thick? But since there's no roses come gather some roses- I guarentee each one's a good nose to pick. A story of the places one man's career and fetish take him, and the people he sees along the way. A great story of a man and a woman who share a love for sneezing over the internet and finally meet in real life.

Following Lisa for a day to find out what part sneezes play in her life and why they happen. A story of a man and a woman out on a date for the first time with cases of the sneezes. Part 1 of a story featuring Mulder and Scully from The X-files, in which Scully gets sick and Mulder, well, gets protective Taking an unexpected babysiting job, Kirsten's in store for much more than dealing with a kid.

A woman who can't sneeze wants to discover the joys of sneezing and gets support from the man she's dating. A police officer hot on the trail of a jewel theif gets side-tracked by her allergies which seem to come up at the worst possible moments. Beautifully written story of a man whose night out to dinner isn't what it at first seems to be. At work, just when things seemed to have cooled off, someone just happens to pop up again A woman struggles against the urge to sneeze as she tries to give an important presentation.

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Going Down! Even something as commonplace as leaving work one day turns into more than one man had in mind. Just as the title states, Pamela Anderson takes a sick day, and get a little fun when Chris gets home, for that matter.

The bike ride over to the park was lovely, but now all you want to do is find a comfortable bench and zone out by the lake It starts out to be just another boring Monday morning A Buffy the Vampire fanfic in which cute Willow has a cold which does not at all interfere with snuggling and more with Tara. The bloopers show isn't all that will have fun with a pretty anchor-woman's sneezing fit.

Mick thinks of himself as a geek until he runs into a beautiful, sneezey D.Want Alice to be able to go somewhere where Bob can't but don't want to introduce fantasy elements? Have him start coughing whenever he gets near it. Want a tough character to be really afraid of just one thing? Have him be allergic to it.

In real life allergies can cause a number of problems from sneezing to death by throat closure, but fictional examples will usually just include sneezing, streaming eyes and occasionally hives. Also covered would be "intolerances," which generally cause stomach troubles; for example, lactose intolerance. Please note: Danger is not an actual allergy.

Neither is loveevil or routine. Can result in a Sneeze of Doom. Asian Animation. Fan Works. Live-Action TV.

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Video Games. Visual Novels. Web Original. Western Animation. In Season 1 "Hat Luncheon", when Molly shares her first kiss with Brendan, his face starts swelling up when he reveals he's allergic to peanuts and Molly ate a peanut butter parfait.

Community Showcase More. Follow TV Tropes. You need to login to do this. Get Known if you don't have an account.

sneezefic allergies

I just don't put up with lactose's stupid drama. The movement restriction allergy "I can't go there!While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Let's see how that goes Chapter 2 - Lucky one - A cappella turns out to be a dangerous distraction for Jungkook, but luckily he's got his hyungs to look after him. Chapter 4 - Liar liar - Jungkook's careless in the kitchen, and he's not the only one who ends up getting hurt.

Sam stops taking his allergy meds, because they're expensive and he feels guilty, and he tries not to make a big deal of it, but Dean can see how miserable he's making himself. Peter Parker is just an intern at Stark Industries.

Or, rather, that's what he wants everyone to think. But after meeting Tony Stark for the second time in his life, change gets launched his way left and right. It takes time to accept these changes and understand them, even longer to accept them. He's not used to having someone care about him like this since Ben died. The one where Peter is Tony's intern and then falls in love with Miles while Miles falls in love with Spider-man.

He's literally in 10th grade. Liz brings out her own paramedic uniform and plunges into the fray with Brian and several student EMTs. Brian is shaken by the whole experience and develops PTSD while the others recover. He swallowed and hid the trembling of his leg under the table. Wirt says the wrong thing at the wrong time to the wrong being. Every day, Jos drinks the wrong coffee. Every day, he gets annoyed that his coffee order is wrong. As Remus Lupin begins to chug through his first semester of grad school at San Francisco State University, his path crosses with Sirius Black, an Irish exchange student.

The gaping hole demanded more air. Tae did what most people would have done - he began to breathe faster. The flash of surprise and hurt on Izuku's face made him flinch.

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