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Adrien bit back a groan under his breath and tightened the arm he had wrapped around his stomach as it flopped over again. Nino had been keeping a weary eye on his best friend all morning as he curled up as much as possible behind his desk. The range of colors Adrien had changed since that morning had been as impressive as it was worrying.

You look like hell. He hated seeing his friend so miserable, especially knowing what a good actor he could be and how much he put up with for work.

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For Adrien to be looking as run down as he was he had to have been completely miserable. Three pairs of worried eyes watched him wobble out of the room. Marinate wished there was something she could do to help. Nino just flushed and shook his head. Class ended uneventfully and the bustling noise of students changing rooms and getting books from their lockers filled the halls. She assumed he must have gone straight home and went back to class.

Science class…with her math book. And her Science homework was in her science book! She hurriedly accused herself back to her locker, rummaging through for the forgotten item when she heard the bathroom door swing behind her. She glanced over her shoulder, shocked at the pale and trembling blonde who shuffled out. He looked ready to topple over and Marinette hurried over to steady him.

Have you been here the whole time? The spinning had only gotten worse and despite the last 40 minutes of dry heaving aggravating his headache and aching stomach nothing had come up and he felt worse than ever. That lump was still clinging to the back of his throat and it was all he could do to force his gag reflex away. Now was her chance to help, so what could she do? Can I help?

He was surprised when Marinette was helping him up and keeping a steadying hand on his arm. It was a slow walk across the locker rooms and through the main hall with Adrien having to stop every few feet to try to tame back a cramp or catch his breath from the rapidly swelling nausea in his gut. She was supporting him more than Adrien would have liked to admit and she looked just as relieved to be near the bottom as Adrien was. Until his stomach heaved and he clamped his mouth shut tightly.

Not now! He hated being sick in front of people. He jerked his arm back from her grasp and slapped his hand over his mouth as he gripped the banister with the other and closed his eyes. She kept a firm grip on his arm as she coaxed him down the last few steps and over to the grass on the side of the stairs. He gagged again against his hand before bracing himself against the wall with the other arm. He was starting to wonder if it would just be a repeat of the last 40 minutes in the bathroom of nothing but dry heaving.

Marinette shook her head and, if anything, stood closer to steady him. Adrien wanted to fight his case. He leaned as far away from himself and Marinette as he could manage, and Marinette never once wavered or stopped rubbing circles against his back. He was actually grateful for the contact just then. His stomach cramped and groaned but seemed only willing to bring up a few mouthfuls of bile. Adrien whined and gagged again, squeezing his eyes shut and gripping his stomach. He spat, feeling his insides still raging but unwilling to come up anymore.

He knew there would be more to come and almost wished it could just be over with. Marinette helped him back to sit down on the steps where he promptly curled himself up and buried his face in his knees.Originally posted by sugabratt. Does sickieidols know their ask box is closed.?

Hi guys!

Sick and Tired - Bakugou x Reader ASMR - Boku no Hero Fanfiction Reading - Sickfic / Cute Fluff

In the fic, the general manager of the restaurant goes on a two week vacation, which leaves the regular shift managers in charge. All goes well for the first day or so, but that soon changes as the managers hand down their duties to their crew trainers and the other staff members.

Just when they think they have the new work situation under control, Jungkook catches a stomach bug that threatens their whole setup. All they can hope for is to survive until the two weeks is up and the general manager is back to put things back the way they should be. Below are the members that have already been chosen:. Min Yoongi- taechuu Jung Hoseok- featherypromises. Kim Taehyung- sickiebabytae. Note: This fic will include a few things that could be seen as TWs such as emeto, scat, fever nightmares, possible hangovers, and littlespace.

Originally posted by sugasuite. Taehyung kisses his hair and the shell of his ear, his cheeks. Anonymous asked: pls could u do a sickie tae fic at some point??? Anonymous asked: Does sickieidols know their ask box is closed.?

Anonymous asked: do you have any fic recs for carsickness? Sickfic Invite! Anonymous asked: i have this really horrible headcanon that namjoon is prone to chronic migraines.

Anonymous asked: coping with an anxiety attack by reading your blog?While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Yeah, sure. Jimi stumbles upon someone he probably shouldn't have on a stupid field trip that he didn't even want to go on. He—he chastises me. He underestimates me. A rare loss of control.

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She smooths her jacket instinctively. He judges me entirely by who I was.

sickfic caretaking

Two sentient beings from two different, opposite species. Two lonely sparks, who shouldn't have ever met. Who would have guessed they were destined to be soulmates? As a leading Pediatrician in the evolving field of Little Behavioral Medicine, Castiel Novak is clearly at the top of his game.

However, when an unclassified, abused Little is dumped at his office by Social Services, Castiel quickly learns that being a caregiver involves far more than he ever imagined. Three months, three weeks, five days, seventeen hours, and forty-five minutes. That is the amount of time that has passed since Matt had disappeared.

Then, he comes back, but he is not the same. Celebrating the Appreciation Festival might have gotten out of hand, but it wasn't anything you couldn't handle. And he, well, he handled you pretty well. Now -- the emotional aftermath is upon you. Your nerves are getting to you, you can't think straight, and your heart demands you finally tell him how you really feel now that things have changed between you.

Have they really changed, or has it always been like this and you're just now realizing it? It's time to figure out where you stand with him, but you're feeling light-headed and the world is starting to spin.

Takes place some time after the story of Iceborne, just after celebrating the Appreciation Festival. The Rum Tum Tugger has a Unfortunately for him, life isn't so keen on that. Despite the sadness in his past, Tugger finds himself happy and in love with his wonderful new mate Mistoffelees. But when Macavity reappears and threatens everything he holds dear, Tugger is pushed to his absolute limit, and comes to realise he must confront the past in order to save his future.

Dean has spent his whole life pretending to be a Neutral. Following on from 'The Rookie Hunts - Tulsa', Dean finds he cannot let the abuse you suffered as a child go. At potential risk to your relationship, he pulls you back to a place you never wanted to return to and faces losing both you and Sam as he struggles with the outcomes of decisions he's made for those he loves.

Set with Season 9 as rough backdrop, things are only made worse and more kinky by the Mark of Cain and complicated feelings all round.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

I had this odd plot bunny that Lucifer forgets his strength around Chloe and so I wrote the longest, oddest, angsty, fluffy, smuttiest story to fulfill this plot bunny's dreams. David and Matt struggle with their hidden relationship.Characters A and B are sitting in class. Character B is sick, exhausted, and fighting their hardest to stay awake through the dull lecture.

Are they covering a difficult topic that would be hard to make up if they missed class? Did they already miss too many classes this term? Character A notices Maybe not right away? Maybe as soon as B walks into the room? Character B returning to class after being out sick for a few days.

sickfic prompts

Failing miserably, they get really embarrassed and quietly at least trying to be as quiet and courteous as possible escape from the classroom to try to regain their composure in an empty bathroom. Do they end up composing themselves and braving out the rest of class? Or do they wait for the class to end, sneak back in and grab their stuff when everyone else is gone? Are they super overwhelmed by how much they missed and how far behind they are in their notes?

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Character B is a professor and currently really sick Fever? A cough that continues to interrupt them whenever they try to talk? All of the above? They want to get out of this lecture more than any one of the students sitting before them. Are they able to get through the lecture successfully?

Or do they have to give up and call off the rest of class? Do they end up fainting in the middle of lecture? Are they so sick and emotional they start crying and dismiss the group?

They were excited so I asked if they had any specific scenarios in mind. Before the release of P5R, I quickly finished P5 and immediately went on the prowl for sneezefic Ignis placed a wet, cold towel on Noctis's forehead. Noctis groaned raising his fingers under his nose and sneezed wetly.

Noctis won't take any liquid medicines," Ignis said. Ignis sighed. Gladio was right, it would take couple of hours to get to bigger city. Maybe Noctis had matured enough to take even liquid medicines. But Ignis had underestimated Noctis's immaturity. As soon as Ignis tried to spoonfeed Noctis the medicine, Noctis hid under the blanket. You want to get better as soon as possible, don't you? At first, it seemed like Noctis was going to keep hiding but then he crawled out of his blanket cave and reached out for the water glass.

Noctis let Ignis to feed him the medicine, quickly swallowed it and quickly drank some water. He was making a disgusted face. Over a year and a half on hormones. Lil mini update!! Today is my 6 years on HRT!

sickfic caretaking

I feel a confidence I never thought I could achieve.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Hear that, Underoos? Peter Benjamin-Edward Stark has been through a lot in his life. Luckily he has a really good family to help him through all his problems. Peter was closer than ever with his parentssort ofand his Aunt was okay and things finally seemed to be going back to normal.

Peter took a few stumbled steps backwards and flinched as the wind swirled dust around his feet.

sickfic caretaking

The time for discussion was long over. He's supposed to be the normal nerd kid Parker but he's not. His Mother is a spy and he lives with a secret identity. His real name is Peter Aldrik Romanoff and he is Natasha's miracle baby. She had thought she'll never have children but one faithful night with a man who is known by everybody. She played along. Wanted to rebel. Wanting to just forget everything.

Peter's mother, Black Widow herself woke up in none other than Tony Stark's bedroom. She left before the man could even wake up. Leaving one note with a red kissmark. Peter Parker is supposed to be your normal kid that happens to be a son of a spy and a secret child whom Tony Stark never known off until. But even after years, Steve still loves like a child. And now, he only loves a child. Being a single parent is tiring.

Now being a single parent for a leukemia patient is just tiring and heartbreaking. But being a single parent for a child whose father finally decided to grace them with his presence after years, that's just a recipe for a disasterChatacter A: B, how much sleep have you been getting? Character B: sometimes when I sneeze, I close my eyes for a brief second. Character A: … what? How often does that even happen? Character B: Recently pretty often. Yes, it was often he was sick, but not as awful as he felt now.

He felt like he was gonna fall right over. Yet, today he knew he had to skip. Jeremy sluggishly walked downstairs and greeted his dad also know as the Squip cuz this is an au.

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Can I stay home from school? Jeremy was furious, yet he was too tired to put up an argument.

sickfic caretaking

Look Michael, I told him this time! I actually told him I felt too sick to go to school! And you know what he said? He said if I was really sick I would go to school because I always lie about being healthy!!

He shook on unstable legs and a tear or two slipped out of his eyes. Jeremy nodded and clung onto Michael for support. He refused to stand up more than he needed to. Jeremy groaned. He hated it when other people took his temperature.

They always put it in too rough and caused either his throat or ear, depending on what type of thermometer to be using, to be sore.NOTE: Remember that some people go through these scenarios every single day.

Please be respectful and considerate when including them in your writing. Try writing your characters into these intimate scenarios:. Are you feeling okay? I just bought a few boxes last week. Person A and B are both sick.

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I gotta get some medicine in you. Might I just say mortemistrata that I was a little unsure about this prompt at first, but I had so much fun writing this!

Keith froze with one eyebrow arched. He slowly studied the brunet in front of him. Keep reading. Why did you even leave your house with a fever like that? I JUST saw infinity war and I unblocked a lot of tags and if you have the time can you just make it better. Like the movie already felt like a fever dream. God, let Loki and Peter and T'Challa and everyone else be okay. He turns slowly, and Peter is pale, his eyes wide, frightened, a color of pain clouding over them.

Stark, please. Tears spill from his eyes as his fingers curl into fists. He slams them down onto the rough terrain, and a scream rips up his throat. Tony shoots up, a scream physically jerking his body awake. He can still see the ashes blowing away, still feel the heat of disintegrating bodies. Should I call for Dr. Your temperature is elevated to He swings his legs over the bed and stumbles toward his desk across the room on buckling legs. He flops down into his desk chair, one trembling hand shaking the mouse to wake his computer.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Stark, are you alright? Should I come over there? Have you talked with Bruce? For a moment, Tony only stares at Peter, mind wandering back to the dream, or rather, to the nightmare that took so much away from him. He shifts his gaze down with a heavy breath. Just tell me about them. I want to hear how the friendly, neighborhood Spider-Man is doing. Peter tilts his head, and Tony knows that narrow gaze is one of silent study, but after a few moments, Peter leans forward, face going bright as a smile plays at his lips.

For almost an hour, Peter describes his patrols in great detail, everything from what he ate at lunch before a patrol, to how many shots were fired at him during another.

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